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Get New Generation GST Accounting Software in India


Infinium Multitech offering Staccker, a simplified Accounting and Stock Management software, with full GST integration. It incorporates all the features that measure your business operations and improve your business efficiency. Staccker powers medium and small-scale businesses to the large supply chains. What is more, it's very easy to accommodate the Staccker in any kind of trading business environment.


Staccker Features

Multiple Companies
Fully Integrated GST Management
Group-wise Accounts
Company wise Agent Management
Item Brands & Categories
Brand & Category wise Item Management
Users & Role Assignment
Transactional SMS Facility
Strict Stock Management
Multiple Printing Formats (A4, A5 & Thermal)
Dynamic Print Titles & Notes
Barcode Values Editing
Auto Updates & Cloud/Local Back-up
Company Secure Walt